Different Types of Brixton Hats

Different Types of Brixton Hats

Different Types of Brixton Hats

Different Types of Brixton Hats

Brixton has been associated with hats since time immemorial. Brixton hat has been a signature style for many celebrities. They started out in a garage somewhere in California. Brixton was not the result of the endeavors of a single person but of a group of friends who were charmed by the varying cultures that surrounded them. Their first product was a Hooligan that was basically worn by newsboys. The founders say that their headwear is inspired by the past but is being revived today. They curate headwear for every group of people, starting from mariners to laborers. 

History of Hats

Hats are considered to be one of the first accessories of man and have evolved to become an important part of our outfits. Apart from protecting our heads from minor injuries, they also add that little spark to our outfits that helps us to stand out from the crowd. They can either be interpreted as a visual representation of an important class or just a cute little accessory. 

Different Types of Hats 

Brixton is a big name in the hat industry and has launched several products till date. So let us take a look at some of the famous launches by Brixton which has led them to the zenith of success.  


The Fedora hat got its name from one of the plays of 1882. Just like some other designs, this hat was initially designed for women. However, its unique design did not keep it limited to women and soon it was worn by both men and women. This was started by Edward, the Prince of Wales in the year 1924. One of the famous singers, Frank Sinatra emphasized on making this hat the staple dress code for pop culture. 


This is basically a Greek hat where it was used as military headgear. However, now the people living near the mountains of the Pyrenees are now seen with this iconic creation. But the hats were not popularized by the Greeks, rather the Scots picked them and remodeled them into one of the most unique hats for men and the rest is what you see now. 

Pork Pie 

This cap originated much later than the other hats and originated in the middle of the 19th century. Until 1920, it didn’t attract many people. However, after it was worn by actor Buster Keaton, the business blew up and they started receiving huge orders by the 1930s and 1940s. If you remember, it was also featured in one of the TV Series, Breaking Bad. 

Newsboy Cap

By the name you can tell that, this was the most common hat worn by the newsboys during the early 20th century. The hat meant that ‘working class style’ is misleading. These hats followed no discrimination and were worn by every section of society. 


1895 witnessed a play named George du Maurier which featured this hat. Back then, it did not gain much popularity but with time, it became a sensation for men. Because of its unisexual nature, it was considered elegant headwear. Also, James Bond gained huge recognition which consequently made the hat Famous.

Wrapping Up 

So this was all you needed to know about different types of Brixton Hats. We have tried to cover everything starting from the history of hats to the different types of hats that are commonly worn by people nowadays. If you still have some doubts, shoot them in the comments below and we will try to answer them. Share this with your family and friends so that they gain some knowledge from this. Also, bookmark this page for future reference!

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