8 Reasons To Invest In Sun Protection Clothing

8 Reasons To Invest In Sun Protection Clothing

8 Reasons To Invest In Sun Protection Clothing

8 Reasons To Invest In Sun Protection Clothing

You can find a lot of articles online that discuss whether or not it is worth spending more money on sun protection clothing than regular clothing.

This blog will discuss 8 reasons to invest in sun protection clothing.

  1. Sun protection clothing that has been approved by specialists gives you the assurance that they are safe and effective.

It is difficult to know how much protection your clothing is providing until it has been formally tested. A regular t-shirt might have a UPF of 5 which is equivalent to wearing SPF5 sunscreen. This means that only 20% of the UV rays penetrate the fabric. This is in contrast to fabric that has been tested and rated as UPF50+. It protects against at least 98% UV rays and is equivalent to wearing sunscreen SPF50+.

  1. Sun protection clothing includes functional design that minimizes direct sun exposure to your skin.

Sun protection clothing and sun hats have been specifically designed. Sun protective shirts will likely have collars, long sleeves, and thumbholes to protect your back. Sun protective sun hats will have a wide brim, and may also include features such as a legionnaire flap that protects your neck and ears.

  1. Protective clothing with UPF 50+ can help you stay cool even in the hottest of sun.

It has a UPF 50+ rating, functional design, and sun protection clothing. However, it uses lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable fabrics so they can be worn in hot, sunny weather.

  1. The last decade has seen a lot of innovation in sun protection clothing brands. There are many stylish options now.

Many sun protective clothing brands, including ours, are focused on offering sun protective clothing. You can now wear sun protection clothing and still look smart.

  1. Medical experts are unanimous in their agreement.

All dermatologists agree that broad-brimmed sun hats and sun protection clothing are the best ways to protect yourself against UV radiation.

A UPF50+ shirt will provide the same protection as SPF50+ sunscreen, but it will offer greater protection. The shirt offers consistent protection while sunscreen can be rubbed off or diminished by sweating or movement during the day. People often use less sunscreen than is recommended, and forget to apply it every two hours to maintain their protection. They are more likely to get sunburned, wrinkles and skin cancer.

  1. If someone is diagnosed with melanoma, it’s worth investing in sun protection clothing. This will offset the cost of treating the skin cancer.

The cost of corrective surgery and other treatment may be several thousand of dollars if there is no government or private insurance.

  1. Overexposure to the sun can cause skin to age up to 90%.

Avoid corrective surgery and moisturizers. The secret to glowing skin is to avoid excessive sun exposure. Sunlight causes skin proteins to deteriorate and can lead to loss of youth. This type of aging can often be avoided by using sun protection.

  1. A sun protection shirt is a good investment for your long-term health.

Sun protection clothing protects our largest organ and cannot be traded for another. Solbari, a trusted UPF50+ sunscreen, can be purchased sooner than you might think. This will help you avoid paying more for it later.

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